Apex Trading was founded in 2004 to distribute artisan Israeli products to retailers across North America. Our goal is to provide a diverse set of products that are cost effective and easy to order. We believe that the growth of your business will further our goal of helping Israel artisans and manufacturers.

Apex Trading Company has recently transferred management. You are no doubt wondering how this change impacts you. Apex is now a subsidiary of the JCommerce Group, but the name will remain the same, as will the products and great service. Apex will be operating as a completely separate wholesale entity, independent of our retail companies.

We are excited about the opportunity to maintain the integrity and professionalism that Stan Davis and his team at Apex Trading have provided you over the years. We plan to utilize the resources of the JCommerce Group to enhance logistics, product offering, pricing, and fees.

In order to continue providing you with excellent service, we need to take some time to navigate the transfer and setup so that you, our valued customer, remain happy and satisfied. Changes will be minimal as we strive to keep the same purchasing patterns and reliable methods that you have experienced until now. We anticipate these changes will impact your business positively and look forward to working together as a team.


Will I be able to place an order via the website?

Yes, the website is still up and running. You will absolutely be able to keep making orders through the same website. However, you will notice that we freshened up the layout for easier and faster navigation. You can expect the same great service and product selection with some amazing new products, and lots of new and exciting features.

Do you have a catalog?

Yes, you can email us at help@apextrading.biz and we will email you our catalog 

Are the prices and policies changing?

The prices are remaining the same. There will be some policy changes, including shipping information, which we will inform you about as soon as we have those set up.

Will you be carrying all of the items that you carried in the past?

We will be carrying a lot of the same great products as before, as well as adding many new artists and items to our offering .

Is my account safe?

Of course! We are here to serve you reliably, which means keeping your information and accounts 100% private and secure. We are confident that this partnership will serve to strengthen you and your company.